Hung Leng Kuen is suitable for anyone from any walks of life. Under the Instruction of Dai Sifu Chris Parker, 9th Duan Black Sash, Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu/Wu Shu is a style developed by Founder and lifetime practitioner, Grand Master Sijo J.R. Dutton from several Martial Art styles, incorporating the traditional animal-based forms, Shaolin Longfist, pak mei, Chinese boxing, t’ai chi, chi kung, ba gwa / pa qua and weaponry.

Through it’s teachings, Hung Leng Kuen develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, knowledge, ability, and self confidence for practical, on-the-street self defence and for those who wish to learn a traditional Martial Art.


From day one you are taught essential stretching, warm-up techniques and exercises you can work on in your own time. These prevent from harming oneself during training and, if performed regularly, increase strength, endurance and flexibility. Occasionally sessions will emphasise exercise and fitness. Basic stances, kicks and strikes are drilled upon, with principals that apply to everyone but that wll help you develop your own “form” as an individual.
The Hung Leng Kuen syllabus has been devised to help students progress in a steady and logical manner. It begins with building strong stances and honing basic techniques that will be the foundations for the understanding and ability required for subsequent forms, sets and techniques.The Hung Leng Kuen syllabus was carefully ordered to take you through the external variety of Self-Defence which can be understood more easily and used more readily, into the more internal martial arts practices that generally take more time to understand and are just as effective when perfected, but with added benefits that include longevity, which is why Hung Leng Kuen is suitable for all ages.