What should I wear?

Until you decide that you want to train in Hung Leng Kuen permanently, you should attend lessons in a plain t-shirt, training/tracksuit bottoms and trainers / sports footwear that allow your feet to flex. After a month of training, you are expected to obtain black kung fu bottoms and a plain white or club t-shirt. To participate in any kind of contact sparring a student will require at least a gumshield and gloves. For a student to get the full benefit from sparring they should look at kitting themselves out with full sparring gear as listed below. When purchasing gear, sellers we recommend are Playwell.co.uk or Blitz A full compliment of padding for all students allows intructors to teach some very valuable lessons. You will need full padding in order to spar and progress past your first grading. For a list of pads required, please speak with your instructor.