Your instructor will be able to answer this. For your first lesson, you are welcome to attend in a t-shirt and long sports trousers.

We do not force you to progress through the grading syllabus, but do strongly advise it as it is the basis for the system we teach. You are able to pick up self defence techniques without grading, but the syllabus is designed to combine the Martial and Art sides to enhance and compliment everything you are taught and help you progress. It is essential for everyone to have goals and the stepping stones that will take you to them. The Hung Leng Kuen syllabus will give you these goals.

Yes. Used wisely, sparring is a tool that can help students get used to the reality of being attacked, help students with their timing, practice the use of their techniques, increase stamina and improve confidence. Used incorrectly, it gives people an unrealistic perspective on what fighting is like. Hung Leng Kuen uses sparring to compliment it’s training techniques and is a part of the overall learning. Therefore, we employ it regularly.

– Is sparring scary? 

There’s no reason for it to be. It may get your adrenaline pumping, but sparring is always supervised and the intention in lessons is never to inflict serious damage on your training partner. At the club you will be partnered-up with those of a similar grade and those who are more experienced than you will bring things down to your level.

Yes. The Isleworth Club is open throughout the year, only closing for two weeks over the Christmas period. Precise dates are announced in December.

Yes, and we have many dedicated long-term female students to prove it.

In terms of self defence it’s ideal as what is taught relies on technique more than strength and so does not require you to be big or strong. You will develop a technique suited to your individual needs. We already have several dedicated female students.

Extra-curricular women’s self defence lessons are occasionally held. If you would interested in attending these, send an email to the club you are interested in attending to get on the mailing list.

We welcome students from alternative martial arts backgrounds. You will begin training as any other new student and instructors will assess your capabilities. Students who train in other martial arts before they join have a tendency to progress quicker than absolute beginners.

Not to begin with – it shouldn’t stop you attending your first class! Dedicated training in Hung Leng Kuen will get you to a good standard of fitness.

All grades are taught together, therefore there are no beginners classes as such, but you are taught at a level suited to you.

It is recommended that you attend at least 4 classes to get a decent idea of whether the style is what you are looking for.

Until you decide that you want to train in Hung Leng Kuen permanently, you should attend lessons in a plain t-shirt, training/tracksuit bottoms and trainers / sports footwear that allow your feet to flex. After a month of training, you are expected to obtain black kung fu bottoms and a plain white or club t-shirt. To participate in any kind of contact sparring a student will require at least a gumshield and gloves. For a student to get the full benefit from sparring they should look at kitting themselves out with full sparring gear as listed below. When purchasing gear, sellers we recommend are Playwell.co.uk or Blitz A full compliment of padding for all students allows intructors to teach some very valuable lessons. You will need full padding in order to spar and progress past your first grading. For a list of pads required, please speak with your instructor.

There is only one way – come down and take part!

It is always worth getting the best overview of a style before committing to it. Reading up on a style is one thing, but there is nothing like getting out there and experiencing it to know whether it is effective and right for you.

NOTE: Be aware of the advice given on Martial Arts web forums. Although these sites do contain many impartial, experienced and knowledgable martial artists, they also attract a large amount of inexperienced armchair pundits with unfounded, irrelevant opinions expressed as fact.

£8 per session on Tuesdays and Thursdays. £6 on Sunday.

There is an annual Federation membership and insurance fee of £35.

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 7.30pm till 9pm at:

Isleworth & Syon School Gym
Isleworth & Syon School
Ridgeway Road
Isleworth, Middlesex

Simply arrive with enough time to fill in a short insurance form before the lesson commences. There are no specially designated induction lessons.

You should also ensure that you inform the instructor of any injuries or physical problems you may have that may effect your performance.

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